Another World Retires

by dsiso on January 12, 2012

Well this is definitely worth a front page post. As you may have noticed Another World‘s name has changed from the gray-blue color we’re used to seeing, black. That’s right people, the long time Mag Staffer has chosen to gracefully step down from the Head of Mag Staff position here at GBAtemp due to no longer having adequate free time to dedicate to the site. Don’t panic too quickly though, Another World will still be around for the weekly GBAtemp Recommends Revival and maybe a review or three.
So, folks, please join me now in giving a hearty round of applause for my friend, Another World, for all the hard work and dedication put into to the ‘temp over the years. We’ve had a lot of fun =)

Now go check out the blog post linked below and wish AW a happy retirement!

Posted ImageAnother World’s Blog

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