Boktai Solar Sensor Patch Kit v2.0.0

by dsiso on July 26, 2012

GBAtemp community member Prof. 9 has released a new patch for the Gameboy Advance Boktai series of titles that are noted for using a solar sensor as a key element of gameplay. See the release notes below for more information, and join the on-going discussion for the full scoop about this new game hack.

QUOTE: Release Notes (07/25/12)
All-new Boktai solar sensor patches written from scratch for every region and version of the game, with features not found in many other solar sensor patches. Also includes cleaner patches to revert any patched ROM back to its original, clean state.
  • Button activators chosen to interfere with button combinations used by the game as little as possible.
  • Adjust sunlight by 1 bar per button press instead of a continuous increase/decrease as long as the button is held down.
  • Does not affect save format or Real Time Clock.
  • Boktai 1 patch does not have the sensor blocking bug.
  • Boktai 3 patch affects all game elements that require sunlight.

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Thanks to Rydian for the info!
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