Bubble Fight NEO v2.0

by dsiso on August 15, 2012

relminator has recently updated his homebrew game Bubble fight to version 2.0 for the 2012 Neo Coding Compo. The game is side-scroller where you control and manipulate a Gradius style shield to burst through enemy attackers and bosses. See the change log below for whats new in this edition.

QUOTE: Change Log (08/10/12)
  • v 2.0
  • Boss life meter
  • Cleaned up title screen and subscreen
  • New FX for neoflash text

    What’s New:

  • Added another stage
  • New Boss
  • Ikaruga-like lasers
  • Particles
  • Eye candies
  • Fixed gameplay
  • Cleaner and beddar sub screen
  • Metaballs

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