Competition Time 2: RESULTS!

by dsiso on October 8, 2012

Competition Time 2: The Designing of a Handheld – Results!
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Hey, sorry I didn’t post this yesterday I had company and forgot about all about this! :P

Our voting system was that the staff voted for 3 entries. If you came 1st (lol…sorry I’m childish) you got 3 points, 2nd you got 2 and 3rd you got 1 point.

Mars_x – Winner with 22 points and Mars_x wins the K1GBA prize!

Click to see winner’s entry.

Honourable mentions for mezut360 with 9 points and Kiaku with 8 points. Veho was the only other member left with 3 points…though technically he should have been disqualified because his entry was not really a handheld…bloody chuff. :yaypsp: Click their names to see their entries, they don’t win anything at all.

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