Create Your Own Supercard DStwo Menu

by dsiso on October 6, 2012

BassAceGold, creator of BAGplug, the Supercard DStwo replacement menu, has issued a challenge to the members of the ‘temp community. Your objective is to help create a NEW menu for your DStwo. Want a feature that you feel should have been default to begin with? Or maybe you’ve got an idea for a user-friendly layout. Well then, now’s your chance for direct input for what you’d like to see. Coding for the DS/DStwo is no stranger to Bass, but he’d like to know exactly what you’d like added and how it should look so it can be potentially implemented. Of course your requests must be within reason- remember the li’l old DS has limited capabilities, even with the DStwo’s added power, so be sensible. Get involved by joining the discussion linked below to add your two cents of valid suggestions.

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