Cryptic Quotes v1.0

by dsiso on October 6, 2011

Cryptic Quotes is a new DS game made by foxtotum. The project is a collection of 20 different word games designed to keep your mental gears turning. See the release notes below for more information about this homebrew.

QUOTE(Release Notes 10/03/11)

    I hope that you try Cryptic Quotes.
  • Some of the puzzles will be very familiar (Landslide, Telephone Code, Sliding Puzzle). These have been presented in as traditional a way as possible.
  • Some of the puzzles were adapted from other games (Hangman, Scrabble Scramble).
  • Some of the puzzles I have not seen anywhere else (Texting Turmoil, Snooker Colours, Tiling Troubles).
  • Some of the games have different difficulty settings which are all explained in the instruction screens.
  • There are over 35 thousand quotes and extracts which should keep you busy for some time.


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