CycloDS iEVO DSi-Switch Fix

by dsiso on September 27, 2011

If you updated your 3DS and DSi you may have discovered that you could no longer switch your iEVO into DSi-Mode. Thanks to efforts from members of the community there is now a DSL solution. Make sure you read all of the included information carefully and then get involved with the on-going discussion.


3DS users Note: iEVO starts out in DSL mode, so if you don’t have a DSi, then you can’t switch your iEVO into DSi mode. For the DSi, the latest DSi FW update (1.4.3) breaks DSL mode, which means you can’t even boot your iEVO on your DSi in order to switch it to DSi mode.


  1. boot your ievo on dsl
  2. launch the nds file as an homebrew (see link below)
  3. As the file is a firmware, an exact display from ievo menu will appear
  4. go to settings and select “boot from slot-2” (I was too lazy to change this value)
  5. a message will show up saying that you are in DSi mode
  6. switch off your DSL, and insert your ievo on a DSi/3DS, and that’s it !


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