Diablo2 Sorceress Project v1.05

by dsiso on October 10, 2011

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Diablo2 Sorceress Project, the DS homebrew made by GBAtemp member LeRodeur, has been updated to version 1.05. The game is a Diablo2 tribute, where you play as a sorceress that must survive an onslaught of zombies. Check out the change log for what’s new, and be sure to join the on-going discussion where you can give the author some feedback and ideas for what you’d like to see added to this work-in-progress game.

QUOTE(Change Log 10/09/11)
  • Real map, can’t (who said teleport power?) escape your tragic destiny against zombies
    • Added fences, trees…
    • Objects of background fading when your behind it to see what’s happening
  • Ice skills freezing (not really but at least slowing by half would have been too much power) your enemies!
  • Major fix when having more than 150 objects and deleting some objects, it was deleting the wrong sprites.
  • Changed filesystem from efs to devkitarm filesystem (nitrofs)
  • Now two versions of the game, one with sound and another without, should fix loading issues
  • Added teleport and charged bolt skills
  • More things but it’s secret, still testing, will come soon, or not!

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