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by dsiso on August 28, 2011

GBATemp user Kiaku has discovered one game which will let you send a DS DEMO to another system. The game which is being experimented with is Planet Puzzle League. For more information and to get involved with the on-going discussion, check the link below.


  • Unpack Planet Puzzle League with DSLazy
  • Go into the “data” directory and search for the file “download.srl” (This file is the demo the game sends to DS download play. Apparently, you can rename this file to “.nds” format and run it with no$gba cleanly)
  • Download the Jump Super Stars demo (Google is your friend)
  • Rename the Jump Super Stars demo to “download.srl” and place it into the “data” directory of Planet Puzzle League, replacing the file.
  • Now repack the rom and name it w/e you want and boot the game from your flashcart.
  • In the game, navigate to “Wireless”, then “demo”. The game is now sending the “Jump Super Stars” demo to DS download play. (It will show up as Planet Puzzle League icon in DS download play, but once the download finishes, it boots up as the Jump Super Stars demo.

Homebrew data and retail games will not work!

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