DS2x86 v0.35

by dsiso on March 11, 2012

GBAtemp community member Pate has updated DS2x86, the DOS emulator made exclusively for the Supercard DSTwo, to beta version 0.35. Check out the change log for what’s new in this edition, and join the on-going discussion linked below for more information about this project. Also, be sure to visit the author’s weekly blog for lots of interesting details about the progress of this homebrew.

QUOTE: Change Log 03/11/12
  • Improved keyboard emulation (fixes Little Big Adventure hang after key press).
  • Improved SVGA mode scaling quality.
  • Fixed SoundBlaster DMA channel masking (fixes Mortal Kombat sound effects).
  • Implemented opcode AAM in protected mode (Warcraft 2 Setup – System info).
  • Fixed a BSOD problem when moving mouse in Warcraft 2 and Command & Conquer.
  • Improved BSOD error reporting, no more partial exception messages.
  • Implemented support for 80×50 text mode (Little Big Adventure Setup).
  • Implemented mouse function INT 33 AX=00A1 (Knights of Xentar).
  • Fixed a problem in AdLib hardware detection (Warcraft 2).

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