DScraft v220811

by dsiso on August 23, 2011

smealum has updated DScraft to version 220811. The game is an adaptation of Minecraft’s creative mode, which players will know is all about creating structures and buildings. To learn more about this homebrew, join on the on-going discussion linked below, and be sure to also check out the project page for instructions and more.

QUOTE(Change Log 08/22/11)

  • now compatible with DSi mode, sudokuhax ! (thanks to WinterMute for helping me track down the problem and fixing it !)
  • new loading code, now much faster (big.map doesn’t take over a minute anymore, it takes under ten seconds !)
  • fixed some streaming issues, maps are now their full size (256×256 used to actually be rendered as a 192×192 map)
  • fixed the “last minute streaming” issue which appeared when near the end of the map
  • fixed the water jumping with control scheme 1; it’s now easier to get out of water.
  • nitroFS version : dscraft folder should now be in the same directory as DScraft.nds !
  • added a readme.txt file =P

Download (NitroFS)
Download (FAT)
Project Page
On-Going Discussion

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