DSx86 v0.43 Beta

by dsiso on July 1, 2012

After a small hiatus, GBAtemp community member Pate has updated DSx86, the DOS emulator for DS/DSi, to beta version 0.43. See the release notes for what’s new in this edition, and join the on-going discussion linked below for more information about this project. Also, be sure to check out the author’s blog for lots of interesting details about the progress of this homebrew.

QUOTE: Release Notes 06/01/12
  • Opcode ADC used ARM adc instead of add in address calculations. Fixed.
  • BCD opcodes (DAA, DAS, etc) did not work correctly. Fixed.
  • Oveflow flag handling fixed in ADC and SBB opcodes.
  • Fixed flags handling in opcodes REPNE CMPSB and REPNE SCASB when CX == 0.
  • Fixed [bp+di+disp8] address calculation in several protected mode opcodes.
  • Opcodes LIDT and LGDT did not clear the highest byte of 32-bit base address.
  • Opcodes LAR and LSL did not handle selector type 0 correctly.
  • Fixed pushing EGA memory value to stack in Lords of Doom.
  • Fixed mouse scaling in proportional font 80×25 text mode.

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