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by dsiso on October 16, 2012

In its quest to become the ultimate file upload site and replace Megaupload in the heart of the general public (*cough*), Filetrip has received another major update. If you didn’t read the former threads make sure to catch up on the September updates (thread 1, thread 2). Here is the list of most recent changes.

Multi-file upload: you may now select more than one file to be upload at a time. The uploader has been completely replaced.
Drag and drop upload: drag and drop files over the upload area to start uploading files. This should work in all browsers except Internet Explorer (damn you).
Upload files via FTP: if you prefer uploading file via FTP, you can follow this simple guide to connect to your account.
Galleries: you may now create photo/video/audio galleries. Check out this demo gallery, we’ve set up an amazing ajax script that makes gallery browsing better than ever.
Folders: you can now share entire folders without having to give away individual links. Here is the folder listing for the above gallery.
• The FAQ page has been rewritten completely as well as other text-based pages of the site.
• Several bugs have been fixed, including the accents/special characters bug.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions please make sure to comment this thread. We are doing our best to make Filetrip the best upload site there is!

Additionally, we are working on an actual mobile version of Filetrip (native apps for mobile devices). It will come out with basic functionality at first, but will at least allow users to play audio files, watch uploaded videos and photos as well as other documents. The iOS version will be released first.

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