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by dsiso on September 20, 2012 is our well known sister site, a huge download center with thousands of files for all systems. But since this year, Filetrip also lets you to host any file you want to upload, with an awesome 100 GB free private upload space!

We have just finished implementing some interesting changes and we thought we’d let you know:

  • It is now possible to embed and share your files such as your videos, audio files as well as all types of documents.
  • You can now upload files directly from the Filetrip home page in the quick upload box
  • Anonymous users can now upload files (without registering an account) although it is recommended to create an account if you want to be able to edit settings and manage your files later
  • Lots of bug fixes: video background is now black as it should be, image previews have been fixed, and lots of other little improvements
  • Is there something you’d like us to improve or add to the site? Feel free to leave us your comments in this thread!

On a side note: due to the steady drop of ad revenue over the past months, and the lack of sponsors for quite some time, we have implemented a new revenue source on Filetrip. When a visitor downloads a file from one of the categories of the public download center (does not apply to private uploads), they will sometimes be presented with an installer. The installer speeds up the download and mirrors the file on Amazon’s CDN for faster future downloads and to save us bandwidth costs, the counterpart being that it offers to install an IE toolbar onto your computer. Needless to say if you don’t want that, just uncheck the box and the toolbar won’t be installed. Registered users can download files without the installer, and non-Windows users won’t see it no matter what. Hopefully this will allow us to stabilize our financial balance and allow us to offer more and more awesome gifts for competitions!

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