FlashcartHelper v0.9

by dsiso on February 11, 2012

FlashcartHelper, by GBAtemp member Punyman, has been updated to version 0.9. This Windows application is a utility to be used for setting up and updating your flashcart’s firmware with ease. It supports a wide variety of popular carts, including Acekard, Cyclo, DSTT, iSmartMM, R4 and clones, M3, and Supercard DStwo. For instructions and more information about this project, please join the on-going discussion linked below.

QUOTE: Change Log 02/10/12
  • Fixed tons of bugs
  • Added a Download Queue feature, includes download queue saving
  • Basic CMDline support
  • Improved Update code
  • Updated all Hard-Coded DSi fixes
  • Added the ds2skin plugin to be downloaded with the DSTWO plugins
  • You can now decompile the program from the main menu
  • Some flashcart installs now log to a log file, as well as other functions (start, frec)
  • Frec is a custom replacement for del and is licensed under GPL v3. It replaces many delete functions, and instead of deleting, it moves files to a “Trashes” folder.
  • A link to the Ds2Skin packs at WikiTemp is at the main menu
  • Other new features that I may forget to mention

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