Frogs World DS v1.0

by dsiso on January 23, 2012

King Dodongo has released a new 3D Frogger clone for the DS. More information about this homebrew game can be found at the on going discussion linked below.

QUOTE: Release Notes 01/21/12
You must collect all 5 Frogs in a Level to win, but there are many enemies you have to avoid.
Currently the game has 4 Levels, but you can create your own levels with the Leveleditor (Editor.html).

How to use:
Copy the “fr3d_lvl” folder at the root of your flashcard,
and place your levels (“lvl_X.f3l”) in this folder.
Don’t forget to DLDI patch your Game!

To create your own Levels use the Editor.html in the
“Editor” folder (It’s still WIP).

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Posted ImageOn-Going Discussion

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