GameHero v1.1

by dsiso on May 11, 2012

GameHero is a rhythm homebrew for the Virtual Boy. Think of it as a simplified Guitar Hero style game, where the correct buttons must be pressed, at the right time, to better the store. See the change log for more information and grab the file via the link below.

  • Now two difficulties: easy and hard
  • Buttons are now highlighted when pressed
  • Saving scores is no longer glitchy (you might have to press the L and R triggers simultaneously on the start screen to delete old save data)
  • Added credits (shown if all normal songs finished)
  • Stronger depth effect
  • Song menu displays highscores (easy and hard) for a song as well as the total score
  • Updated song selection with some removed and some new songs
  • 8 songs to be unlocked as soon as all normal songs completed
  • Polished graphics a little bit

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