GBA and DS Rom hacking guide- 2012 rewrite

by dsiso on July 10, 2012

Here are GBAtemp we have a thriving rom hacking community with a focus on GBA and especially the DS (although all consoles are devices are welcome) and as with most sections we try to have a guide to the various things that can be done. A bit of free time allowed for a near total rewrite and although it is not yet complete there should be more than enough information on all the big areas (graphics, text, game logic- assembly, levels, cheating…. and multimedia) along with example hacks of many of the big formats seen on the GBA and DS to get a lot of things done. Right now it is in PDF format although a HTML version should be along at some point and hopefully even the source document.

Filetrip download

Corrections (hopefully there are few) as well fixes for typos, layout and suggestions for areas to be added or expanded upon are welcome.

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