GBAtemp Arcade Competition #3

by dsiso on February 22, 2012

Our sponsor Etcome is offering a new round of free stuff this month: we’re going to be shipping out state-of-the-art Nintendo DS flashcards every week for 1 month, this being the third competition of 4.

Competition #2 results
Congratulations to Chhotu uttam, Varia, basher11, Mario264, jurassicplayer, the top 5 scorers for Bug. Your prizes will be arranged when all 4 competitions are over to facilitate shipping.

What to do
This week, you’re required to play Ten Pin Bowling, a new game we’ve just set up on our arcade. The first 5 members to get max scores will be getting an R4i Gold Plus Deluxe Edition, one of the best 3DS-compatible DS flashcarts available on the market. You have until February 29th, 23:59 GMT to enter.

You must be a registered member of GBAtemp to be able to play the game and save your score. Staff is also eligible. We have strong anti-cheat mechanisms in action and anyone trying to bypass them will be severely punished.

R4i Gold Plus Deluxe
This DS flashcard offers some of the most interesting features on the market:
– Nintendo 3DS compatible (won’t play 3DS roms, at least not yet)
– Slow motion feature
– Real time save & guide features
– WiFi real-time firmware upgrade
– tons more, check them all out here

Many thanks to our sponsors Etcome for providing tons of gifts again!

Posted Image Check out the official site of the R4i Gold Plus Deluxe

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