GBAtemp game of the week- week #16

by dsiso on August 25, 2011

Now we kick off week #16 of the GBAtemp book game club. The series started with the aim of sharing games worth knowing about for whatever reason. I might have been their overall quality, historical implications (the return of a genre), a novel mechanic or simply that we felt it would be worth being able to say “yeah I played that once”. There are no restrictions on systems the games can come from but more often than not they will be from one of the consoles we cover around here. For each thread we do a short writeup on the game and other things related to the game worth knowing about but the real discussion happens in the thread itself where anything from the art design to the music to the level design to the engine or some small aspect of those or something else can be discussed. Games the take positions on top games lists can and will appear but a big focus of this is games that when those few top flight ones are gone are worth knowing about. To this end games that “most people that own this console have probably owned a copy at some point”, able to be classified as a hidden gem (oh so often games get buried in release schedules and obscure launch areas only be to discovered when they are hard to source), all the systems covered have top notch homebrew, rom hacking has made for some interesting creations many of which are worth knowing about. On top of this we might occasionally mix things up with a compare and contrast of some other restriction- budget titles, titles from the first year and so forth.

The DS caused something of a resurgence in point and click adventure type games and the genres that feed from it and homebrew was no exception with several entries into the genre. Lone Wolf DS is a port of a series of fantasy themed game books of the same that that started being released in the mid 1980’s and is often counted among the top games on the DS (homebrew or otherwise). The books/games allow you to transfer your characters between books as well. Prior to the graphical port there was a port of the first book for the hyena audiobook player which featured some novel play/control mechanisms. The series itself follows the survivor of an attack on a warrior school as they attempt to piece together what happens and set things right.

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