GBAtemp game of the week- week #18

by dsiso on September 8, 2011

This would be week 18 of the GBAtemp book game club. For the new members the idea behind this is every week we put forth a game to play after which we all discuss the game either as a whole or parts worth discussing. Although we want the suggestions to be enjoyable this is not a top ?? games list (although they can and do feature) and titles that can appear include things worth knowing about, games with interesting play mechanics, notable titles from a industry perspective or something along those lines and on occasion we will have a special feature (a compare and contrast for instance) or restriction on the selection (early releases, must be available under a given price….) to mix things up. The games themselves will usually draw from systems we usually cover around here but that is not a rule of this and titles can come from commercial releases, homebrew, hacks or something else entirely.

Also known as Lifesigns: Hospital Affairs when it appeared in Europe this game was a very near launch title for the DS that was developed by Spike who have several titles but are probably best known for their Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z games. It took several years to appear outside Japan and those years were not all that kind to it as they featured some now legendary titles of the genres Lifesigns finds itself in. Still we hold it is a great early DS title and if you have otherwise exhausted the phoenix wright titles and Trauma center (the two titles this game is said to be a blend of) you should definitely give this a spin.

A trailer although it might be hard to read, some “lets play” are available as well

Did the time it took to get a translation leave cause it to be overtaken by better titles or was it a case of good someone got around to it? Share your thoughts with others in the discussion below

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