GBAtemp game of the week- week #19

by dsiso on September 14, 2011

In among all the new announcements we still have time to look back in what is the nineteenth week of the the GBAtemp book game club. For those that had not been playing along at home each week a game is suggested and after playing with it we get together to discuss opinions of the game, mechanics of it or any aspect of it that warrants discussion. Games will usually come from the consoles we tend to focus on around here but of those it could be something from the large library of commercial releases or the equally viable libraries of homebrew, hacks or otherwise. It is not our intention to have this as a top ? games list so games that might have had interesting ideas, tried things not normally seen on the platform, were the last game or an offbeat game for a company do appear alongside the games most have seen and played.

Developed by a small relatively unknown game company called indieszero who did some stuff for the GBA but were probably best known for Electroplankton before this and now as the developers of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3ds this game turned a few heads when it was released outside of Japan (and turned some heads inside Japan as well). Gameplay itself is best described as what if the 9 volt sections of Warioware were their own game and longer (maybe an entire level as opposed to a short burst) which is sure to be of interest to some but thanks in part to it drawing a large amount of inspiration from a Japanese game show of the same name as the Japanese title (GameCenter CX) the humour alone is a big draw.
An as yet Japanese only sequel (despite this game being something of a critical darling sales and buzz surrounding it never amounted to much) has been made and although a few tried their hand at a translation hack nothing has come of it but largely being composed of minigames they are not that troublesome to play.

Gameplay trailer Some lets play and reviews are also available.

Did the developers get it right or should they have stuck to making music games and cooking tutors? Share your thoughts in the discussion below


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