GBAtemp game of the week- week #22

by dsiso on October 5, 2011

Welcome to the 22nd week of our GBAtemp book game club. The idea behind these threads is that each week something we feel deserves to be known about gets posted and then all those that wish to discuss things about the selection are able to do as such. Whether it be for astounding quality, because the developers tried something interesting or was notable as part of the industry itself it can appear. Commercial games are not the sole focus with with rom hacks, homebrew titles and otherwise also providing a good chunk of what we cover in this club. Although there are no themes or selection criteria beyond we you find some part enjoyable there are occasions where a couple of games can be listed for comparison or we narrow the selection down with regards to budget, release date, release location (best titles not available in North America for instance) or something along those lines.

To celebrate the release of the oft requested homebrew DS port of Cannon Fodder the selection this week are a handful of games ported to the GBA and DS as homebrew and in doing so became some of the best titles on the platforms. We are kind of restricting this to direct ports- there are plenty of games “inspired” by others which are great in their own right (Still Alive DS and megaETK for instance).

Lemmings DS.

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