GBAtemp game of the week- week #23

by dsiso on October 13, 2011

Time for the 23rd edition of our GBAtemp book game club. In this series we select a game for people that want to join in to play and then we get together to discuss it. This is not a simple top ? games list as it also extends to games with a neat mechanic, something that we feel should be more widely known, something was tried that warranted attention for it and more. Homebrew, commercial games, rom hacks and more can and do feature in this series and on occasion we mix things up a bit with additional criteria or do a special feature.

A translation of a GBA game this week and one that is seemingly not all that widely known about (or at least when the “suggest me a GBA translation” topic arises this is often missed). The game itself is one of the Dragon Quest Monsters series so having recently just seen the latest of spinoff series get English localisations we thought we would look back at the only GBA entry in the series as well as being a prequel to the notable Dragon Quest 7. Gameplay differs a bit from the rest of the series not only because it has a proper story but in that it revolves around the titular caravans providing minor an asset management mechanics and although it had not yet managed to shake random encounters but it is still the core you and a few of your monster friends gaining abilities and battling through dungeons.

Preview of the translationPosted ImageGBAtemp release thread

This was enix’s last game before officially becoming Square Enix- did the resulting company miss a trick by failing to provide an English version or was it a case of another game not likely to make it outside Japan? Next week something that might not catch the label “pokemon clone”. download
Filetrip download

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