GBAtemp game of the week- week #24

by dsiso on October 21, 2011

Now comes a new edition of the GBAtemp book game club. For those joining us or returning in this series a new game is suggested each edition and then you can discuss it. Rather than act as a glorified top ? games list the selections can also include games of note within the industry, something that warrants being known about (a mechanic or something) or something else that we feel makes the game deserve more than to fade into history. On occasion we mix things up a bit with additional criteria or do a special feature but normally a game from one of the systems we cover will have a rom hack, homebrew title or commercial game will be selected.

Although not a new game concept Picross was right at home when it appeared on the DS and like most popular games clones spinoffs happened. One of the less remembered examples is Colour Cross that came from Little Worlds Studios which is a developer better known for childrens tie in games. As the title implies where the original game was monotone as far as the puzzles went this one uses colours (sometimes quite a few) to generate pictures.

Did it break the classic gameplay or was it an addition to formula. Discuss it in the thread below. Posted Imageongoing discussion

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