GBAtemp one off portal survey- most disappointing DS game

by dsiso on July 15, 2012

GBAtemp one off portal survey

Over the coming months we thought we would have a series of quick surveys on various topics and this would be the first one. Right now it is more likely to take the form of a survey but later some polls might be taken with the results of the surveys.

Most disappointing DS game

The discussion of games that are interesting or fulfil a set of requirements comes up often enough, indeed we have handful of features that deal with it, but the discussion of games that failed to live up to potential comes up less often. Now we wish to state explicitly this is not about the worst games for the console but about those that had potential either through previous entries in the series, the previous work from the developers or indeed something that saw a rom hack or sequel that put things right; nobody expected the imagine ? series to produce a must have but when the Secret of Mana developer gives us Children of Mana odd looks happen.

“Why don’t we take our enjoyable scrolling beat em up game that relies on tight controls and add fiddly touch screen controls” “Jenkins you are a genius”

Right now this is not about us but in general we are after the name of the game, why it did not work and what was done before or after that illustrates why it was disappointing. It does not have to be a bad game and it may well even be a guilty pleasure of yours. Although it is about games right now we might further this to franchise with most disappointing entries, publisher that caused the most disappointing entries and developers that either upped their game or unsuccessfully attempted to rest upon their laurels

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