GBAtemp Online Arcade: 10 new games of the month

by dsiso on January 7, 2012

For the few of you who missed it, we recently launched an interesting yet minor new feature: our Online Game Arcade. Initially coming with a selection of 20 games, we’ve decided to that we would add at least 10 new games every month to keep everyone entertained. Click the thumbnail below to view the full list of this month’s games.

I’m going to introduce you to my favorite 3 new games for this month, in alphabetical order:

21: I’ve always been addicted to trivia. When I first tried this and it came up with a question on Star Wars (which I answered correctly btw), I immediately fell in love with it. Here it is for everyone to enjoy. Can you beat my crappy score?
Block’n’roll: the one game that even got p1ngpong addicted to the Arcade. A fine and tricky reflexion game that’s so good it would deserve its own port to the DS (as homebrew, of course).
Pingu Throw: this one’s a classic. A slight variation of Penguin Revenge – the most played game on our Arcade. It was introduced last month and got nearly 6,000 plays so far.
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