GBAtemp Recommends Revival # 010

by dsiso on December 19, 2011

Welcome to the 10th issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project! This project is a weekly magazine feature where we share our favorite games and applications with you. The things we recommend may be “old school” titles, a Homebrew, a ROM hack, sleeper hits, an application, etc, but one thing’s for certain, we think they are fantastic and deserve your attention!

Ninjas? Ninjas? Yes, Timmy, you heard right. Ninjas! This week we’re recommending N+, an action platformer that made an appearance on several systems, including the DS, PSP, and XBox360 (XBLA). The game, successor to the PC flash game titled N, was made for Atari by an independent game development company called Metanet Software. It was released for the DS in August of 2008.

In this back-to-basics, no-nonsense platformer, you play as a ninja with an appetite for danger… and gold coins. Your mission is to use your ninja skillz to run, jump, and dodge you way through a multitude of obstacles and attacks in order to collect maximum booty and safely reach the exit before being obliterated by a droid, getting blown to smithereens by a relentless tracking missile, or destroyed by a quick laser zap.

There’s over 200 frustratingly clever levels to attempt to conquer in N+, but if the included maps aren’t tough enough for you, the game features a level editor for constructing your own ninja death traps. When you do make it through a level unscathed, you can do an instant replay of your most recent victory. There’s also bonus unlockables, like level packs, victory animations, and different character colors that can be obtained by completing various goals.

While being available for more than one system, N+ really fits the DS format nicely. The controls feel natural, and it’s nice having dual screens, one for zoomed in, and one for full map. So pick up the version of you choice and give the game a go. It’s simple, fun, and you can count on it being a continual challenge. I definitely recommend it.

Genre: Action Platformer
Type: Retail Release
Developer: Metanet
Release Date: August, 2008
ROM Size: 8MB
System: DS (also for PSP, Xbox360)

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