GBAtemp Recommends Revival # 042

by dsiso on July 30, 2012

Welcome to the 42nd issue of the GBAtemp Recommends Revival Project! This project is a weekly feature where we share our favorite games and applications with you. The things we recommend may be “old school” titles, a Homebrew, a ROM hack, sleeper hits, an application, etc, but one thing’s for certain, we think they are fantastic and deserve your attention!

This issue was written by GBAtemp member reshx.

GBAtemp Recommends!

Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard

The game focuses on the soccer loving Mark Evans (Mamoru Endou) and his team, Raimon Eleven. After winning the football frontier nationals they arrive at their hometown and arrange to start training at their old school. When they arrive they find their school destroyed, those responsible soon reveal themselves as aliens. Mark Evans challenges the aliens to a match but ends up losing to a colossal score of 20-0. After a few events unfold, they set out on a journey to find the best soccer players in Japan so that they may challenge the Aliens to a rematch.

The gameplay has two parts, the first resembles an RPG styled game, where the player is able to equip the characters, check the team status, and use items. The second type of gameplay shows a soccer pitch where the controls are mostly with the touch screen and the camera uses the D-pad or The ABXY Buttons. It is very easy to play when you get into the flow of the match and start to feel comfortable using the techniques. The graphics are very good for a NDS game, especially the 3D graphics. The music is very good and almost every team has their own match music.

I love this game because of its level of difficulty, the pretty graphics, and the gameplay challenges. Some people may feel that the gamplay is really difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier and really fun. The only part of the game that I can complain about is encountered while attempting to reach a 100% completion rate. In order to do this you will need to connect with someone that has the other version (IE: firestorm-to-blizzard or vice-versa) which may not be possible.

Some sites list this game with a low score. I really enjoyed this game and would like to assure the readers that it is very good. I would recommend this game for everyone, since it is easy to encounter and extremely fun.

Genre: sports-fantasy RPG
Release Date: 2008 (JP), 2012 (EU)
Developed by: LEVEL-5
System: NDS

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