GBAtemp staff changes 2012

by dsiso on June 6, 2012

It is that time again, the time for your indomitable GBAtemp overlords to receive new blood into their tyrant pool.

I present to you the GBAtemp staff cycle 2012.

Firstly please give a fond welcome to our two new Moderators TwinRetro and FIX94. Worship them, for they are better than all of you, grovel at their feet, beg them for mercy and fear their wrath. They now become part of the chosen few who have agreed to defend this thing, this temp, at all costs against any and all adversaries.

Secondly congratulate those who have risen in the ranks, veterans of many wars their bravery and loyalty is beyond reproach. Densetsu, Cyan, Depravo, GeekyGuy and ProtoKun7 have been bestowed the rank of Global Moderators and have accepted the extra responsibility which that lofty title holds.

And finally weep tears of sadness with me as we see our beloved brothers TrolleyDave, ether2802 and Rayder slumber in quiet dignity as they become Former Staff.

As one age ends, another age begins, and another page in the immortal history of GBAtemp is written.

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