GBAtemp thoughts and links 07/Oct/2011

by dsiso on October 8, 2011

The thread you are reading now is the first in our new series entitled GBAtemp thoughts and links. In this new feature many things can happen but in the general idea is to provide a space to share a choice link from our bookmarks, some information that under normal circumstances might not make the portal as news, a quick summary of a methods known to those that have spent time in these circles (and as such might be considered basics) but might have fallen by the wayside, a testbed for new ideas or indeed just a one off quick feature (thanks to a series of fairly lucrative trips to the discount racks of our local pile it high and sell it cheap stores our collection of random console ephemera/soldering iron fodder is at an all time high).

This is just a small selection of links on various interesting aspects of GBA hardware and software. That some of these sites are still running will probably come as surprise to some so as such please be nice to their bandwidth.

Reiner Ziegler’s GBA and GBC flashing hardware and oddities site
Reiner Ziegler’s GBA section

An eventual stop on the road for those looking to make GBA or GB/GBC flashing hardware or related devices it is also home to large amount of data on some of the odder devices and earlier flash carts for the GBA, some choice links and some even less common software to use it all. This makes it a site you will want to read if you are interested in some of the flash cart history or as a starting point for your own project- there are still some fine GBA and GBC devices available but looking around there is serious potential for someone to come in with a top of the line device.

GameBoy Advance Dev’rs
Dev’rs GBA section

Although this is by no means intended to be an authoritative list to omit this would justifiably cause eyebrows to be raised. Although the GBA/ARM side of dev kit pro has arguably taken over GBA programming duties such tools are still very valuable and doubly so if you encounter a program made using them.

e-Reader Encylopedia
e-Reader Encylopedia

Starting out as a no-intro side project today it is one of the best sources of data for the e-Reader device for both hardware, software and related tools.

TONC: GBA programming guide
TONC contents page

In our opinion although it de-emphasises dev kit arm/advance somewhat which might not help some wishing to break into GBA programming it still houses one of the finest programming guides on the GBA and guides to some of the oddities of the GBA hardware (would be GBA and DS rom hackers do take note)

Headspin’s page
Headspin’s page

Where TONC above covered a lot about the hardware and programming for it this page covers a lot about the practical implementation of things on the GBA

The usual suspects

The following links are no less valuable than what has come before it but where those might not have been heard from in several years the following are reference sources for lots of people to this day.

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