GBAtemp’s 10th Birthday Mario Kart 7 Tournament!

by dsiso on October 8, 2012

GBAtemp’s 10th Birthday MK7 Tournament!

Didn’t you hear? We’re going to have an MK7 tourney in celebration of GBAtemp’s 10th birthday! Oh, you thought this was going to be just for fun? Please. When GBAtemp has a birthday, We give YOU presents! We have some REAL schwag (not to be confused with swag) on the line. You have a 3DS huh? What about an XL? No? Because for the grand prize winner, we have a 3DS XL in your choice of color, a GBAtemp edition DStwo and a 16GB Micro SD card. So, you better polish up on your power slides! What’s that I hear you saying? “But Twinretro, I can’t possibly win that! I’d place second or third at best!” It’s okay little dude. We have something for you too. The second place winner will receive a GBAtemp edition DStwo with 8GB Micro SD card, and 3rd place will receive an R4i Gold and 4GB Micro SD card. Even then, you still have to race against the best of GBAtemp. Your task will not be easy! Registration however is very easy. Just post in this thread saying you would like to participate with the Display name on your 3DS included in the post. (the name that will show up when you race). Do not PM me. PMs concerning registration will be disregarded and deleted. Also be sure to include your 3DS display name.

Rules! Yes, there are rules. They are very simple rules, but disobey them and you may face disqualification from the Tournament.

1. First and most importantly, do not lie. If you placed 4th, and you PM me telling me you won 1st, you may face disqualification from future contests, drawings, competitions and tournaments.

2. Each race will (normally) be composed of 8 racers. Everyone in the group may vote on any track they please. Races will be 150cc, and All Items will be turned on. (Yes, even Blue Shells.) There is no limitation of what Kart, wheels, character or glider you may use. There will be one cup per group. In the event of catastrophic malfunction (race ends suddenly) The cup will be re-held, but only AFTER the rest of the groups have completed their races in the round. There will be only ONE race per group, per round, so be sure to give it your best! I repeat, this is not a cup (series of 4 races). Just one track and done. Since the process has become a bit more streamlined, cup races (4 tracks) will now take place instead of ONE track.

3. ONLY the Top 2 racers in each group will go on to the next round.

4. Registration starts NOW, and ends Wednesday October 17th at 8:00PM PST First round will start Saturday October 20th at 10:00AM PST. Your group assignments for first round will be posted on Thursday, October 18th.

5. Everyone in your group is responsible for taking a screenshot of the cup results. Be sure to post them in your group thread no later than 1 hour after the race start time. Be aware that you only have a limited time to take the photo once the cup races are finished. You as an individual, and as a group are responsible for providing at least one screenshot. No excuses. Failing to provide a screenshot will disqualify your entire group.

6. Each group of 8 will be PMed a community code unique to your group. In each group, there will be one person responsible fro creating a community for that group and that cup ONLY (I will decide the community creator) In that PM there will also be a time that you are expected to show up within that community to start a race, and what round and race number you are participating in. If you are not there within 10 minutes of the appointed time, I will signal the group to start, and you will be disqualified. I will mention your names in a special thread, in that thread, there will be info about who the community creator will be, when your time starts, and it should also be used to organize the cup race among yourselves. You will have one hour to complete the cup and post a picture of the cup results within that thread. DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE TO ANYONE OUTSIDE YOUR GROUP.

7. To keep things organized, I will only organize one race at at a time. This may go into the next day if the need arises, so you should always be ready once the round starts! If you haven’t raced in the round yet, always be checking your PMs. If I cannot reach you, I may have to signal the start of the race and disqualify you. Edit: After great deliberation, I have decided to have each cup race of every round done simultaneously throughout the (ONE) weekend. If a race has not been completed and results posted in your group thread one hour of your appointed race time, your entire group may face disqualification. This may seem harsh, but I and the other staff are developing a way for you all to communicate easily within your group, so there should be no excuses as to why you cannot finish your race within 1 hour. with this change, I will also try to group you according to time zones.

8. Each round will be spaced out throughout the month (and maybe a bit into the next.) I will mention each participant of each round in their specific group thread at the start of each round. You will get a notification when I do this. Be sure to constantly check your notifications the day of the round!

9. The winners will be announced at the end of the tourney. I will PM The winners to get their addresses to ship the prizes. If said member does not respond back within 7 days with his address, The prize will go to the next winning position, and subsequent winners will have their prizes upgraded. (ex: First place winner does not respond, 1st prize will go to 2nd, and 2nd’s prize will go to 3rd’s. In the event that the 3rd place prize cannot go to the original winner, there will be a COMPLETE WILDCARD DRAWING of 8 participants (not including original winners) from ALL the rounds to compete for the 3rd prize. Obviously only the one who comes in first will get the prize in this situation.

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