Homebrew Channel v1.1.0

by dsiso on February 28, 2012

Team Twiizers have released an update for The Homebrew Channel, which brings it to version 1.1.0. Most notably, this version fixes the problem with new Wiimotes, which apparently are not compatible with older versions of HBC. See the spoiler below for the extensive change log, and also check out the project page for more information about what’s new in this edition.

  • Added support for RVL-CNT-01-TR Wiimotes
  • New TrueType font renderer (FreeType) with antialiasing and theming
  • The new default font is Droid Sans
  • Added full UTF-8/Unicode support (font dependent)
  • Added Japanese translation
  • IOS is always reloaded, use ahb_access to keep AHB access enabled
  • Fixed HBC framebuffer tearing/lag/sync/corruption issues
  • Aligned HBC graphics to the pixel grid (sharper graphics)
  • Aligned font rendering to the pixel grid in both 4:3 and 16:9 mode
  • Fixed/improved text layout
  • Fixed support for huge meta.xml files (e.g. very long descriptions)
  • Renamed “Coder” to “Author” in app descriptions ( is now an alias for )
  • Fixed missing theme app entries (sometimes)
  • Changed many crashes into explicit errors / a panic screen
  • Speed and stability improvements when launching apps (cleanup after IOS)
  • Reload stub: support any BAT setup (or even real mode)
  • Reload stub: do not depend on existing exception vectors
  • Reload stub: do not touch HID4
  • Reload stub: disable IRQs ASAP
  • Fixed bugs in device hotplugging support
  • Added nicer error message triggered when HBC runs out of memory while loading an app
  • Removed the coder/version labels
  • Fixed memory leaks while loading themes and in app entries
  • Reduced the minimum theme size (for xml-only themes)
  • Increased the maximum theme size up to 20MB (for huge fonts)
  • Reduced memory fragmentation when loading apps/themes (less OOM errors)
  • Fixed sorting by release date
  • Fixed crashes with incomplete meta files
  • Themes now affect language choice (due to font differences)
  • HBC now allows apps to load code at 0x3400
  • Fixed various buffer overflow / error conditions
  • Fixed/improved thread synchronization and race conditions
  • Theme ZIP files can now contain .txt files, which are ignored (README.txt, etc.)
  • HBC can now take screenshots (Nunchuk Z+C, in that order)
  • Updated to devkitPro r24 and latest libogc/libfat git

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