Justice comes – Supervisor promotions

by dsiso on October 3, 2012

Near the end of the second millennium of mankind a digital revolution began. Bored with their real life friends, lives and circumstances people began to retreat to the anonymity of the internet en masse. Splintered into separate groups dependant on niche interests communities began to form which catered to any individual whim and interest a person could have. The founders of these mega communities known simply as the Administrators quickly began to realise that the utopian communities they created were anything but utopia’s. Despite their attempts to lay down Laws to govern acceptable behaviour and conduct it became obvious that without a dedicated group of individuals to enforce the laws of their communities chaos would reign unchecked.

To that end and to subdue the ever growing riotous populations of these mega-communities the groups of Moderators, Global Moderators and Supervisors were formed. Plucked from the population of the very communities they must police these chosen few, who are outnumbered thousands to one, are duty bound to hold the line between chaos and order and to enforce the sacred Laws handed down to them by their Administrators.

It is 2012 now and one of these mega-communities is GBAtemp. Over the years its population has swelled to well over three hundred thousand members, far more than anyone could have ever anticipated or that it was ever designed to support. And the population just keeps on growing. Today three of its most experienced and longest serving Global Moderators now ascend up to the rank of Supervisors so that they can better administer justice to GBAtemp. Three versus three hundred thousand, those are the odds which they have accepted in the name of the Law. So citizens please take a moment to welcome and congratulate your three new Supervisors Vulpes Abnocto, raulpica and p1ngpong. And as you do so, I beg you don’t cry.

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