Moonshell 2.10 Childzwai Patch 20120504

by dsiso on May 19, 2012

Moonlight has released an unexpected update to Moonshell 2.10 Childzwai edition, the ever popular multi-purpose DS application. This release fixes a couple of bugs in the application, and adds an option to use the bottom screen for video viewing.

QUOTE: Release Notes (05/04/12)
    How to update:
  • Overwrite moonshl2.nds and moonshl2 folder.
  • If you use moonshell2 as primary firmware, use files in DLDIPAtchedFiles


  • Don’t overwrite to other moonshell2 version than 2.10childzwai; otherwise you will see strange behavior

    How to check the version:

  • Push the START button while in the file list, if you can read “MoonShell Ver 2.10 for child zwai May 4 2”, it’s fully updated.

    What’s new:

  • Bug fixed: the DPG file hangs near the end during playback.
  • Bug fixed: the implementation of the touch panel combination command (can not seek in the long press).
  • Added: DPG File now can be played on bottom screen. Please refer to moonshl2_DPGOption.ini.

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