msxDS v0.94

by dsiso on August 31, 2012

msxDS, the MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator made by Popolon, has been updated to version 0.94. Please see the change log for more information.

QUOTE: Change Log (08/29/12)
  • Fixed a stack overflow that made the emulator unstable.
  • Fixed a state save bug with megarom mapped in 16 KB.
  • Supports up to 1024 files (ROM, DSK and CAS) in each folder.
  • Compiled with devkitARM r41, libFAT 1.0.11 and libnds 1.5.6+.
  • The folder image is no longer displayed if it’s already displayed.
  • The /Pics folder and file names beginning with a dot are no longer displayed in files list.

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