NeoFlash Summer Coding Compo 2012

by dsiso on July 15, 2012

NeoFlash is holding its yearly coding compo once again! Read the rules, bust out your favorite system, and get your development library ready to compile!

  • All original entries will get +5 “original score ” , but the second entry (same project from last contest but improved, and just enter one more time again) will don’t get any “original score” in this contest.
  • If your production have enter other contest before, you can use it to enter this NEO contest still.
  • The No.1 winner from last Neo contest can’t use their same project (even it come with many updated) to enter this contest again.
  • You can submit more than one project for any platform at the same time, without any limit.
  • You must put the NEO Retro Compo badge and NEO website link to your program and show it when start to run.

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