Newo Shooter v2.0

by dsiso on September 3, 2011

Owen has updated Newo Shooter to version 2.0. The game is a rail shooter where you must navigate your spacecraft through 3D environments while avoiding obstacles and the attacks of various enemies. See the change log below for what’s new, and for more information about this project, join the on-going discussion linked below.

QUOTE(Change Log 09/02/11)

  • Added 2 new levels and 8 new cheats.
  • Updated the menu system and added a intro/credits screen.
  • Added motion control options.
  • Added new models created by Julian Mathonet, new backgrounds designed by Des Walker.
  • Added music composed by benanderson89
  • Added New title screen designed by
  • Updated Lua scripting (background_texture_load, set_obj_looped, set_obj_model, load_model)
  • Fixed many bugs and mysteries.

Project Page
On-Going Discussion

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