by dsiso on August 18, 2012

DS coder and GBAtemp community member relminator has released a new platformer demo. The download includes the game engine source, so others can use it for making their own DS homebrews. Join the on-going discussion linked below for the full scoop about this project.

QUOTE: Release Notes (08/16/12)
    This started off a a request by a friend of mine for a PC code that would make his life easier making a 2.5D platformer.

    The idea is to use screen-dimension-friendly coordinates for your 3d scene, low memory footprint and fast enough for any type of game. So this engine can also be used for Pacman clones, Space shooters, etc.

    It was easy enough coding it for the PC but very hard when I rescaled it to the DS. So instead of each tile being f32(16×16), I just used f32(1×1). Yeah DS’s v16 vertex suxxors

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