Platformer-2.5D v8-31-12

by dsiso on September 1, 2012

relminator has been busy creating a platformer game using his recently released DS game engine. The project is a work-in-progress, so now is the chance for ‘temp members to submit sprite graphics, suggest a story-line/write some dialog, or add some ideas about what direction the game should take. Give the game a play, then join in on the discussion linked below and add your input about this DS homebrew.

QUOTE: Release Notes (08/21/12)
  • Collisions
  • Enemies
  • Water
  • Can bounce on top of most enemies
  • Can ride a green enemy
  • Almost everything needed for a basic platformer is done.

    1) 1-hit-kill or HP for the player?
    2) Mario style (Like right now) or Metroid or combination?
    3) What type of projectiles (wave, linear, bounce, etc)?

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