Please Welcome Devin to Mag Staff

by dsiso on November 7, 2011

As we push forward with GBAtemp we inevitably must say goodbye to some things. NDS ROM releases, just like GBA releases before them, are going to come to an end rather quickly. DS Homebrew’s golden age has passed by, taking DSi possibilities with it, due in part to an overprice and unsupported DSi-Mode Flash Kit solution. DS-Mode Flash Kit support will begin to fade as teams attempt to hack and support the 3DS, and future Nintendo Systems. While GBAtemp has always focus heavily on the Big-N, we recognize that parts of this hobby are fading away and that we must embrace this change.

In our efforts to bring you more gaming news we have promoted GBAtemp member Devin to our Magazine Staff family. Devin will focus primarily on console news, including the Xbox 360 and PS3. The news he posts will include such things as game releases, Homebrew, game development, general gaming news, etc.

Please take a moment to welcome Devin to Magazine Staff!

Posted ImageDevin’s 1st Official Mag Staff Post
Posted ImageReview of the X360 Dock by Devin

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