pocketNES v10/04/12

by dsiso on October 9, 2012

Dwedit has updated pocketNES, the Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for the GBA, to version 10/04/12. See below for features and the change log, and be sure to visit the project page for more information.

  • Seamless sound, no more crackling on square wave channels.
  • Correct frequency sweeps and triangle wave volume.
  • Completely automatic speedhacks that just work, so there’s no menu for them anymore.
  • FAST. Turn off VSYNC and watch the games zoom.
  • Many parts are are more accurate than before.
  • Working Savestates
  • Fixed many bugs
  • DMC IRQs! Play Fire Hawk and Mig 29 Soviet Fighter!
  • Dendy mode

    Broken: (These were in the previous branch, but have not yet been reprogrammed)
    * Mapper #9, #17, #33, #40, #64, 73, #105 3

QUOTE: Change Log (10/04/12)
  • 9-30-2012 Fixed crash bugs, and the other crash bug on 10-4-2012

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