Pokemon Black DSi-Mode Patch

by dsiso on August 26, 2011

GBATemp users Poryhack has released a Pokemon Black patch. The patch replaces the properly dumped DSi data from the French game release. For more information on this patch, and a download, please see the on-going discussion link below.

QUOTE(Known Issues)

  • Anything that registers/reports/etc the language of the game (ex. the language byte in pkm data) will come up as French instead of English. I suspect that this might be an easy fix via cheat code (which could be permanently added to the patch via DSATM) but RAM is not my area of expertise. If somebody wants to try it I would be grateful.
  • Cheat code users will have to settle for codes made for the French versions instead of the English ones. The patched ROM has the same signature as a French one so no extra messing around is required there.

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