RHS Sells Fake AK2i By Mistake

by dsiso on September 1, 2011

A few GBATemp users have reported that RHS is contacting customer to inform them that they have stocked and sold FAKE AK2i Flash Kits. RHS was unaware of this issue and only found out after their wholesaler eventually admitted sending them a mixed batch of real and fake Acekards. RHS can not be blamed for this current problem as Acekard has changed their selling policy. Acekard no longer sells to resellers outside of China, shops like RHS have to trust wholesale outlets willing to ship internationally.

RHS has since been checking the anti-counterfeit code on the back of 2i kits shipped after 8/30/11. If your 2i says it was checked once before then this is the reason why. If your 2i says that it was checked multiple times than it may very well be a Fake/Clone.

According to a few sources close to Team Acekard, the anti-counterfeit code should be unique on each Acekard. Whether Acekard actually did this or not is yet to be determined as we have not yet received a reply from them. Another source claims that the codes are being recycled and that users are panicking for no reason.

The HWID 81 “clones” which are shipping have reportedly been working just fine with AKAIO. We have yet to fully determine if they are indeed clones or if the anti-counterfeit code is being recycled.

For now, purchase your AK2i with caution. Check the anti-counterfeit code after receiving it and then conduct a full round of testing using AKAIO.

We will follow up with more information when it becomes available to us.

We have discovered a discrepancy in our latest batch of Acekard 2i’s. After a couple emails from our customers, we contacted our current supplier and he admitted to sending us a mixed batch of authentic and counterfeit Acekard 2i’s. Please note, we have been using this supplier since the last debacle in early 2010, and up to now he had been consistent. Please understand, as a retailer we cannot check the codes – as they do come up as “fake” if checked more than once – but we do check for contact issues and randomly update the 2i’s with the latest firmware. We have been able to update them consistently and the HW id comes up as: 8181.

We have contacted Acekard. They claim that all codes are unique. We have attempted to order from Acekard directly, in order to avoid issues like this, but they refuse and we have to order from outside suppliers.

To any customer who suspects there is an issue with the legitimacy of your cart, please contact us immediately. En route, we have a new batch of Acekard 2i’s that are confirmed legitimate from a trusted partner. If anyone needs a replacement as soon as possible, we are checking codes and updating them with the latest patch. Please note – if you choose this option, the code will have already been checked once, and you will get the counterfeit message on Acekard’s website should you feel you need to check it again. To all customers who have made orders from 8/30 and on, we will also be checking the codes before we ship them out.

We apologize to all customers for the inconvenience and are committed to resolving this issue. You do not have pay to send the cartridge back. Please contact us through email (sales@realhotstuff.com) or open a support ticket http://www.realhotstuff.com/ticket_create.php to resolve this issue. Feel free to PM me if you like.


*There is one discrepancy we noticed: When you peel back the authenticity sticker ( the silver layer), if there is still a holographic effect left on the surface of the numbers, the cartridge is most likely fake.

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