Rick Dangerous II v1.0

by dsiso on October 31, 2011

Homebrew coder extraordinaire AlekMaul has given us another classic game to play on our DS’s. This time he’s ported Rick Dangerous II, the PC game originally released in 1990. In this sequel to the Indiana Jones inspired platformer Rick Dangerous, you lose the hat and don a Flash Gordon style outfit to take on an alien invasion. See below for the control scheme, and check out the project’s page for more information about this game’s initial public release.

  • Direction pad : the joystick …
  • A : fire
  • START : pause the game
  • Without Fire Button Pressed:

jump up up jump up
left | / right
| /
walk left - - + - - walk right
/ |
/ |
crawl climb crawl
left down/ right

  • With Fire Button Pressed:
Ray Gun
Punch - - + - - Punch
/ |
/ |
Arm and Drop Arm and
slide Detonator slide

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