Sheep Goes Left Beta2

by dsiso on August 19, 2011

Jayenkai has updated Sheep Goes Left DS to beta 2. See the release notes for what’s new, and join the on-going discussion for more information about this homebrew project.

QUOTE(Release Notes 08/18/11)

  • 10 complete worlds, (50 levels!!) complete with music, and lovely swoopy backgrounds.
  • Mini Editor! OMG!WTF!BBQ!ALODARE!!!


  • Still no scores.
  • Lives temporarily removed due to lack of “skip” function (see iOS edition!)
  • Nothing saves. Nothing.. Not even the editor!!
  • It’s all just a nice play thing for the meantime.


  • The sprites are the same, but the collisions are bumped up to the new sprite sizes.
  • As a result, those old levels are now 100,000% harder!!! Good luck!!

    Really Tricky!

  • There’s a couple of levels that seem impossible! But all are doable.
  • I spent the past hour out in the back garden playing through it all, and was quite happy that it was possible.
  • It’s tricky! But it’s doable!
  • .. and you do currently have infinite lives, so there’s not a whole lot to lose.

    To Do

  • A few more objects to fix, another 10 pieces of music to do, and then I’ll be redoing all the levels so that they’re at least a little easier!
    (I’ll probably do a 2-level-packs thing)

Project Page
On-Going Discussion

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