Sheep Goes Left – Proper Release #1

by dsiso on September 11, 2011

Jayenkai brings us an update for Sheep Goes Left DS, the simple, yet addicting and increasingly difficult game, where you must guide your sheep through treacherous spikey obstacles to safety. See the release notes for what’s new, and be sure to join the on-going discussion for more information about this homebrew project.

QUOTE(Change Log 09/09/11)

  • 100 levels, all taken from the iOS release, but tweaked so they work properly!
  • 10 different backgrounds split up into 20 whole worlds, each with it’s own BGM.
  • Saving, so everything has to be unlocked in a proper order. Woot!
  • Editor, so you can start to build your own awesome Sheepy Level collection.
  • Is Hard!!


  • You can Die now!
  • No DS Specific delights, yet. Everything is still a redo of the iOS original.
  • No switching of level packs. There’s either the Play pack or the Edit pack. I’ll sort that out next time.
  • No scores… .. Still no scores.. That’s coming, though, don’t worry!
  • Is Hard!!!


  • If you die a lot, you can Skip now!!
  • Menu looks a bit better!
  • Sheep!! There are SHEEP!! (complete a whole pack without dying once.)
  • Is Hard!!!!

Project Homepage
On-Going Discussion

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