Spirits DS v20120707 Beta

by dsiso on July 11, 2012

Gbatemp member NightFox has updated Spirits DS, the homebrew game based on the 1987 platformer Spirits, to version 20120707. See what’s been added to this edition in the change log, and for more information please check out the project’s page linked below.

QUOTE: Change Log (07/07/12)
  • Added the main menu in 8 bits mode.
  • Added the options menu, with the possibility to select the game mode (8 bits / Remake), language (Spanish / English) and the intensity of the “scanlines” effect in 8 bits mode.
  • Added language autodetect according to the console settings.
  • The configuration of the game is saved.
  • The special enemies “Devil Archer” and “Cat” remaked.
  • The hanging lamps remaked.
  • All main Items remaked.
  • All generic enemies (Hunchback, werewolf and ghost) remaked.
  • NPC Armor, enchanted princess and Eagle remaked.
  • Main menu in remake mode done.
  • Options menu in ramek mode done.
  • Initial test for the game music (remake) and sound effects (8 bits).

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