Submit your gaming knowledge, WIN AN SCDSTWO!

by dsiso on March 5, 2012

Today on the IRC channel we have added a trivia bot for people to use in the channel ‘down’ time i.e when no one is chatting,
Problem is we have no actual video game related questions. Here is where we want your help. We need as many gaming related questions as you can possibly think of, and care to submit.

The format is:


1 per line.

Who is the famous Nintendo mascot?*Mario

You could also do fill in the blank stuff like:

Fill in the blank: _____ the Hedgehog*Sonic

Please submit your questions with answers in the above format VIA PM TO MYSELF so we can add them to the trivia bot on IRC.
If you wish to join in and play please follow…rc-server-rules

Atm there are just general knowledge and movie questions running, but we want it to be exclusivley video game related, so the more questions you can think up the better.

To make sure this gets some results, we will be running the trivia bot with all the added questions next Sunday. Whoever wins the round will receive a Supercard DSTWO, not sure if standard or a GBAtemp one, but either way you get a Supercard DSTWO.
So obviously the best way to up your odds of winning is to submit the most questions so you know all the answers!

This thread will be here for one week from today. All questions must be sent VIA PM to myself by 17:00 GMT+0 11/03/2012.
The quiz will take place on the irc server at 20:00 GMT+0.

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