Tempcast Live! 001

by dsiso on October 5, 2011

We are finally ready to get started on the third show of the new Tempcast line, Tempcast Live!. You may have heard the other Tempcast shows which consist of losers like myself talking about boring things for a hour, but this show is one that you, yes you help make! I will be on a skype line(tempcastlive), in #tempcastlive, and broadcasting that call on uStream, so that you can listen to the show live and participate. You can call in with anything! Maybe you’ve played a wonderful game you want to talk about, maybe you’ve bought something exciting, or maybe you’ve read a fine piece of literature, call and let the internet know!

This is sort of an experiment, because if it is an epic fail I probably will never do it again. Which it probably will be, so come and be a part of it!

We will be broadcasting Sunday, October 9 2011 at 2PM EST and it will last for two hours. Click on the link for your local time. Mark your calender with a reminder!

PLEASE COME! Even if five people show up it will be worth it. I’ve been really excited to do this show, but it won’t work if people think I’m lame!

Just some rules though:

1) Test your audio before you come on. If it does not work, or there is an echo, you will be dropped right away. You will have one more chance after that to fix it, and if it still doesn’t work, you won’t be back on that episode.
2) I’ll have some topics to talk about on that show, and you can call in with anything you want, but do try to have a reason to call in. If you don’t talk, we’ll drop you because you’re lame.
3) I’ll explain this on the show, but the process to get on is adding me as a contact on skype, and messaging me when you want to be on. I’ll add people in sequential order, first come first serve. DON’T CALL ME RIGHT AWAY! I won’t pick up.
4) The live stream will be unedited, but the downloadable show will be, so trolling won’t be super effective.
5) Even if you don’t speak English well, you should come on! We let iFish on, you can’t be much worse!

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